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Violumas aims to be the world-leading supplier of high performance UV LED solutions.

Our Mission

We provide powerful, reliable, and affordable UV LED technology to people, emphasizing health and non-toxic solutions for the future.

About Us

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Violumas carries UV products in every step of the supply chain from epis to modules and offers services in UV LED module design to deliver the best UV LED solution for you.
Violumas is inspired by a vision to make UV LEDs powerful, reliable, and affordable for all ultraviolet applications. As a global company with offices in the United States, Canada, and Taiwan, we believe in the power of ultraviolet technology to make the world a better place, emphasizing health and non-toxic solutions for the future, and aim to bring UV LED technology available to all.
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Company History

Our story begins with our parent company COFAN USA, established in 1994 with global sales and manufacturing offices in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, and China. As a specialist in thermal management and PCB/MCPCB design and production, COFAN’s products are used in world-class automotive, aviation, medical, industrial, commercial automation, and LED lighting products around the world.

Flip Chip Opto was created in 2015 as COFAN’s first venture into high power lighting utilizing COFAN’s revolutionary and patented technologies. Recognizing thermal issues as a persistent challenge in producing efficient and reliable UV LEDs, Flip Chip Opto was later rebranded as Violumas, COFAN’s official UV LED division. With revolutionary chip and bonding technologies, we succeeded in providing UV LEDs with the best thermal resistance and thus the highest power and reliability on the market. Leveraging the vast resources of the COFAN USA group, we aim to be an industry leading one-stop-shop for UV LED solutions, including reliable UV LEDs, thermal management solutions, and MCPCBs.


COFAN USA is established in Fremont, California as a professional thermal management company.


COFAN enters the LED industry with MCPCB production and the establishment of COFAN PCB.


COFAN PCB develops patented Super Pillar MCPCB technology with supreme thermal capability.


Flip Chip Opto, a luminaire technology company dedicated to producing the world’s most powerful COB LEDs, is established as the newest branch to the COFAN Group. FCO develops multiple patents for 3-PAD LEDs with extreme thermal dissipation and unique chip/bonding technologies.


Recognizing thermal issues as a persistent challenge in producing efficient and reliable UV LEDs, Violumas absorbs FCO and starts developing UV LEDs with 3-PAD flip chip technology.


Violumas releases commercially available UV LED packages and modules.

Our Team

Saya Han

Director of Business Development & Marketing

Peter Chung

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Pao Chen, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Pratibha Sharma, PhD

Director of Applications Research


Director of Engineering & Production

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