Air Purification

Air Purification


While current use of mercury lamps is widespread, UV LEDs open the door for innovative solutions to keep our air system units clean and safe in hard to reach areas that are not always considered.

With their tiny form factor, LEDs are capable of compact, high power designs to reduce pathogens in the air.

UV LEDs can inactivate resilient strains of microorganisms that pass through HEPA filters and are extremely effective in combination-use. This is especially relevant in sensitive environments such as hospitals, where hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are of concern. These nosocomial infections have the highest penetration rates of HEPA filters, as they are able to pass through filtration and continue to infect the air.

UV LEDs can also be pulsed for a greater optical output flux and shorter irradiation time with no warm-up period. While designing purifiers with LEDs, increased exposure to shadowed areas can be provided by using aluminum reflectors.

While UVC LEDs can provide the essential germicidal disinfection, UVA and UVB LEDs can also potentially be used with varying dosages to achieve cost savings and increased efficiency. UVA LEDs can also be used with titanium dioxide nanoparticles to perform oxidation reactions, purifying the air of microorganisms in a process called photocatalytic air purification. There are many emerging phtocatalytic air purifiers on the market today.

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