Abstract Preview: UVC LEDs exhibit high junction temperature (TJ) and voltage sensitivity, which influences their radiant power and lifetimes. This study of 275nm, 3-PAD UVC LEDs can be useful to estimate TJ and emphasize the need for optimal thermal management.

Published In: Optical Devices & Materials for Solar Energy and Solid-State Lighting

Publication Type: Conference Presentation

Published Date: July 2022

Abstract Preview: Optimization of emission characteristics for UV LEDs using optics can lead to a reduction in overall system costs. Application-specific optical design with beam shaping can reduce thermal budgets, decrease exposure times, and offer higher returns for UV LEDs. We present results in optical performance improvement of UV LED modules through the use of UV-transparent materials and secondary optics.

Published In: Photonics North 2022

Publication Type: Conference Paper

Published Date: May 2022

Abstract Preview: We focused on the design and development of a surface disinfection device using UV-C LEDs, including potential user targets, important design parameters, and final validation methods. Optical and thermal simulations were used to illustrate the design process and associated challenges. A sample device prototype was developed, and microbial validation results are presented.

Published In: Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Publication Type: Journal Paper

Published Date: February 2022

Abstract Preview: UV LED lifetime measurement is a challenging yet essential task required for component comparison and product development. Typical batch test systems utilize specialized integrating spheres suitable for UV light measurements and require periodic opto-electrical measurements at specific junction temperatures, which are time-consuming, labor intensive, and costly. We propose the design of a fully-automated lifetime test system, equipped with robotics, driven using artificial intelligence tools suitable for production scale testing of UV LEDs. This system allows for rapid, repeatable, relative optical measurements without the use of an integrating sphere, hence reducing capital and labor costs.

Published In: Photonics West 2022

Publication Type: Conference Poster

Published Date: March 2022

Published In: OSA Advanced Photonics Congress (APC) 2021

Publication Type: Invited Talk

Abstract Preview: In this paper, we aim to discuss how an improvement at the chip and the package level can allow for the UV LEDs to be used for high-intensity applications at currents greater than 1000 mA per chip of 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm area. We will also present new lifetime data obtained with the 3-pad technology and how this improved lifetime at high currents can enable novel applications for UV LEDs.

Published In: International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications (ICULTA) 2021

Publication Type: Conference Poster

Published Date: April 2021

Abstract Preview: Packaging technologies used to manufacture UVLEDs can differ significantly and hence the range of their performance can be very broad. We present comparative thermal modeling results, substantiated through experimental validation, for four different UVC LED structures including specific chip-on-board and SMD structures.

Published In: International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) Americas 2020

Publication Type: Conference Presentation

Published Date: September 2020

Abstract Preview: An improved method to enable high optical output and reduce junction temperatures in ultra-violet light-emitting diodes is presented. Popular application areas and upcoming uses of UV LEDs are also discussed.

Published In: Photonics North 2019

Publication Type: Conference Presentation

Published Date: May 2019

Abstract Preview: To investigate how spacecraft elements perform when exposed to the space environment, extensive studies are conducted in laboratory vacuum chambers which aim to reproduce spacelike conditions. This paper presents background, prior work, and recent advances toward the development of a multi-energy electron gun which can reproduce spacelike electron fluxes in the laboratory with high fidelity in the eV to tens of keV range.

Published In: American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA) SciTech Forum 2023

Publication Type: Conference Presentation

Published Date: January 2023

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