Custom UV LED Solutions

With expertise in optical design and the widest range of UV LED products, we can optimize and produce custom solutions to your specifications.

Tailored to Your System

With the widest selection of UV wavelengths, power levels, and optics, we help optimize custom LED solutions for any application from UVA to UVC.

Powerful & Reliable

Our patented technology & expertise in COB production allow us to create powerful and reliable UV LEDs that are built to last.

Scalable Solutions

We offer in-house prototyping and mass manufacturing services for any size project, from proof-of-concept testing to large scale integration.

Plug & Play

We can help you develop optimized cooling solutions and source the appropriate drivers for expedited and convenient testing.

Custom COB Inquiries

Violumas can help design and optimize your UV LED solution with your specific requirements in mind.

Submit your target specs

Please provide project specifications (i.e. wavelength(s), irradiance target, illumination area) and we’ll reach out if any additional information is needed.


All custom projects start with an NDA to ensure your security and make sure your project information is protected.

Design Stage

Using CAD modeling and optical simulations, we provide you with an exact UV LED solution that matches your target specs. We’ll then review and modify the results together to produce a final design proposal.


After the COB design is confirmed, we provide prototyping so you can easily test your solution.

Mass Production

When you’re happy with your prototype, we’ll move into mass production to complete your project needs.

We Make UV LED Solutions More Effective

We are committed to delivering reliable, powerful, and affordable UV LED products & services.

Increase photonic density with small UV source

Extend your UV LED lifetime by 120%

Drive at a higher current for 50% more UV output

Minimize your cooling solutions

Lower your thermal management costs

Ideal for extreme temperature conditions


Building More Powerful Solutions Across Industries

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