The purpose is not only to supplement by providing adequate levels of UV to mimic sunlight, but also to induce a positive, mild degree of stress required to stimulate oxidative stress pathways and antioxidant mechanisms in plants. Both UVA and UVB wavelengths have been studied in this regard to determine the optimal intensities required. UV light triggers the production of phenolic compounds responsible for antioxidant and antiradical activity. Use of UV for plants such as tomatoes and greens has proven to contribute to the sensory properties as well, making the produce more attractive visually and more flavorful too. In addition, UV has been proven as a sustainable, chemical-free treatment, against powdery mildew for many crops.

UV LEDs could improve the nutritional as well as sensory qualities of many crops and can also aid in crop-protection via pathogen suppression.

UV LEDs from the UVA region to the deep UVC wavelengths enable a new era in horticultural lighting by providing adequate intensity and dimming control for optimal plant growth. With specific targeted wavelengths and flexible designs, UV LEDs can be used in tandem with their visible counterparts for horticultural lighting. Wide-band spectral arrays can also be created with specific wavelength combinations targeting a particular crop.

Lower power consumption, greater design flexibility, variable intensity, spectral control, and no warm-up times offered by UV LEDs open exciting opportunities for nutritional improvement and pathogen suppression.

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