New High Power 340nm/325nm LEDs for Biological Applications

New High Power 340nm/325nm LEDs for Biological Applications

Violumas is proud to announce the addition of two products to its extensive, high power UV LED product lineup. Violumas now offers high power 2X2 modules in chip-on-board (COB) format for 325nm and 340nm.

WC2X2C40L6-325 and WC2X2C40L9-340-V1 provide the highest optical output in the market along with exceptional reliability (LT70 > 6,000 hours), enabling denser and more reliable designs. With four chips encapsulated under the same lens with a specially developed index boosting solution, the optical outputs of the COBs are four times as powerful as those of our previous products WC1X1C40L3-325 and WC1X1C40L3-340-V1. These new four-chip modules boast a 10.2% wall-plug efficiency at 340 nm (640 mW, 18 V, 350 mA) and a wall-plug efficiency of 3% at 325 nm (200 mW, 19 V, 350 mA). These high power 325nm and 340nm LEDs will help to further facilitate novel product development and research in biological analysis, spectroscopy, sensing, and medical applications.

With the addition of these two new products, Violumas’ product line offers full-spectrum UV LED solutions with products in the UVA, UVB, and UVC ranges. In addition to standard SMD and COB products, Violumas offers unique services involving custom array design, optical simulation services, and UV LED consultation.

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