Our Solutions

In addition to standard packages and modules, Violumas provides
circuit boards, thermal management solutions, testing services, design
optimization, and full system integrations.

Powerful & Reliable

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Customizable Solutions

Violumas aims to be a one-stop-shop for all of your UV LED needs.

Design Flexiblity

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LED Packaging & Assembly

Violumas supports both small-and large-scale manufacturing needs for LED packaging and assembly with rapid turn around times. Leveraging years of experience in high power LED manufacturing, we develop and utilize high-performance components, recipes, and processes to ensure your LEDs are manufactured with the highest quality and precision.

Our ISO-certified production facility provides:

Optical Simulation & Design

We can provide optical simulation and design services for many UV LED systems. Our team has extensive experience with designing custom arrangements of UV LEDs to match target specifications in specific system settings.

We have designed solutions for:

Thermal Simulation & Design

Proper thermal management can be a crucial factor in system design that can be challenging with UVC LEDs in particular. Violumas offers customized thermal design and simulation services for your unique system.
How we do it:

Custom UV LED Solutions

Many UV applications require tailored solutions that comply with unique specifications, cooling capabilities, and fixed form factors. With in-house expertise in optical, thermal, and electrical design, Violumas can provide you with a custom solution for your exact project needs.

Our team can provide guidance on:

Find Your UV LED Solution

Violumas proudly offers a wide variety of standard products as well as customized solutions that are tailored to meet your specifications.