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The 3-PAD LED’s unique structure allows rapid thermal dissipation through the pillar structure of the LED chip and MCPCB. This innovation minimizes thermal resistance, thus increasing optical output and LED lifetime.
Data generated with VC1X1C48L3-265 (Violumas 3-PAD COB LED) and WC1X1C48L3-265 (Conventional COB LED); Both LEDs mounted on 30.1.006770 (Heatsink for VC1X1 COB Series); Operating Conditions: If: 0.7A, Po: 80mW, Ta: 25°C.

Extend Your UV LED Lifetime While Lowering Thermal Management Costs

Thermal decay occurs when increased junction temperatures at higher currents result in decreased optical output. 3-PAD technology minimizes thermal decay with lower thermal resistance and can achieve 50% more optical output at higher driving currents.

Each 20°C drop in junction temperature results in a 4x longer lifetime for the LED. With integrated thermal technology, 3-PAD LEDs have lower junction temperatures and industry-leading lifetimes up to >8,000 hours in the UVC range.

Higher Reliability and Optical Output

With our patented 3-PAD Flip Chip LED and Pillar MCPCB technologies combined, we are able to optimize heat dissipation through a unique thermal structure. The 3-PAD innovation minimizes thermal resistance between the chip and the board resulting in:

3-PAD Flip Chip LED

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Increase photonic density with small UV source

Extend your UV LED lifetime by 120%

Drive at a higher current for 50% more UV output

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Lower your thermal management costs

Ideal for extreme temperature conditions

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