SMD Packages

The 3-PAD flip chip bonded to a specialized Pillar MCPCB and packaged with optics for a powerful & compact design

With expertise in optics and bonding technology, Violumas specializes in packaged UV LEDs that allow for maximum optical output and ease of integration. We offer mid and high power SMDs suitable for every application from curing to disinfection.

High Power: 7272 Series

Mid Power: 5252 Series

Low Power: 3535 Series

We Make UV LED Solutions More Effective

We are committed to delivering reliable, powerful, and affordable UV LED products & services.

Increase photonic density with small UV source

Extend your UV LED lifetime by 120%

Drive at a higher current for 50% more UV output

Minimize your cooling solutions

Lower your thermal management costs

Ideal for extreme temperature conditions

Find Your UV LED Solution

Violumas proudly offers a wide variety of standard products as well as customized solutions that are tailored to meet your specifications.