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COB modules are ready for plug and play with no soldering required. All Violumas COBs have built-in connectors for easy wiring and testing.
Every Violumas COB module includes TVS protection on the MCPCB to help control electrostatic discharge damage.
COBs can be assembled in a modular fashion to allow for easy integration and testing without the need for a separate MCPCB.
Violumas is able to provide suitable heatsinks & drivers for all standard COB modules so you can initiate immediate testing.

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Part Number Wavelength Forward Current Radiant Flux Forward Voltage Downloads
VC1X1C45L6-405 405nm 700mA 1285mW 3.7V Download  error
VC1X1C45L6-395 395nm 700mA 1280mW 3.73V Download  error
VC1X1C45L6-385 385nm 700mA 1300mW 3.9V Download  error
VC1X1C45L6-375 375nm 700mA 930mW 3.9V Download  error
VC1X1C45L6-365 365nm 700mA 775mW 4.1V Download  error
WC1X1C40L6-340-V2 340nm 350mA 210mW 4.8V Download  error
WC1X1C40L3-325 325nm 350mA 55mW 5.3V Download  error
VC1X1C48L3-310-V1 310nm 700mA 115mW 6.0V Download  error
VC1X1C48L3-295 295nm 700mA 95mW 5.8V Download  error
VC1X1C48L3-275 275nm 700mA 87mW 6.6V Download  error
VC1X1C48L3-265 265nm 700mA 82mW 6.4V Download  error

M3X3L9 Series

  • Comprised of VC3X3 COB and 30.4988.30 Heatsink
  • Validated product for performance stability
  • Overall dimensions: 83mm x 80mm x 75mm
  • Equipped with high-density 9-chip LED array with 90° lens
  • Built with 3-PAD LED Flip Chips & Super Pillar MCPCB
  • Available in 265nm, 275nm, 295nm, and 310nm
  • Specially designed fan-cooled heatsink
  • Driver kits available (dimming & non-dimming)

Irradiance is simulated at throw distance of 10 cm and detector area of 100 cm2. Please contact the Violumas team for further information regarding simulated irradiance at alternative distances and detector areas.





Part Number Maximum Irradiance Minimum Irradiance Average Irradiance
VC3X3C48L9-265 3.99 mW/cm2 1.56 mW/cm2 2.86 mW/cm2
VC3X3C48L9-275 4.25 mW/cm2 1.67 mW/cm2 3.03 mW/cm2
VC3X3C48L9-295 4.37 mW/cm2 1.67 mW/cm2 3.20 mW/cm2
VC3X3C48L9-310-V1 5.66 mW/cm2 2.02 mW/cm2 3.98 mW/cm2

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