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To further the cause of eco-friendly, energy-efficient UV lighting applications, Violumas is extending support to academic institutions for running specific research and development projects.

Since development in UV LED applications research can be limited by the availability of funding and design resources, Violumas believes in supporting academic researchers globally, by providing research subsidies (to purchase UV LEDs) for module development and by providing subsidized professional services (thermal/opto-electrical) to qualifying researchers.

At this exciting time, when the UV LED industry is poised to grow rapidly, Violumas is pleased to offer both high and medium-power UV LED COBs and SMD components at a subsidized pricing to the academic community for research and development, with an aim to accelerate new and innovative research within the UV LED industry.

Applicants must operate at a publicly-funded research institution. Research results should be shared with Violumas. Project shall be complete within 12 months of application approval.

Please complete the Violumas Research Subsidy Application and fill out the form below or email

Case Study

In an ongoing project with the Chemistry Department of the University of British Columbia, the atmospheric chemistry of outdoor and indoor air is being studied in a first-of-its-kind 8m3 environmental chamber equipped with 275nm, 310nm, 365nm, and 385nm LEDs from Violumas. LED technology has been selected as an energy efficient, narrow-band light source to mimic a wide range of atmospheric solar-irradiation conditions. The environmental chamber is expected to become the center for state-of-the-art quality, laboratory-based experiments in North America related to the fate of atmospheric organic molecules, including pollutants.

792 Individual LEDs

A total of 66 LED light bars were provided in a 12X1 form factor with aluminum heatsinks.

>300W Optical Output

The combined total radiant flux of 275nm, 310nm, 385nm, and 365nm LEDs was over 300W.


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