Violumas Presents UV Product Line at Touch Taiwan 2018

Violumas Presents UV Product Line at Touch Taiwan 2018

Violumas exhibited its UV LED product line at Touch Taiwan 2018, Taiwan’s largest trade show encompassing the latest in optoelectronic, semiconductor, display, and UV technology.

With SMDs, COBs, lighting arrays, lightbars, wafers, and customized modules, Violumas demonstrated its capabilities in providing custom solutions for any industry. UV products range from 405nm to 265nm, though Violumas can produce UV LEDs in any wavelength within the UV spectrum. High optical output coupled with industry-leading thermal resistance allow Violumas’ UV LEDs to match the highest UV output offered by competitors, while significantly outperforming standard UV LEDs in lifetime operation.

Violumas is confident that its expanding UV line is a strong offering in the current UV LED market.

Violumas is a US-based luminaire company, located in the Silicon Valley, California.
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