Water Disinfection

Water Disinfection


UVC light rays can penetrate bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens and inactivate nucleic acids that allow the germ to reproduce. This radiation renders the pathogens harmless, allowing safe water use without changing the taste, odor, or clarity of the water. As hardy bacteria like giardia and cryptosporidium cannot be effectively treated with chemicals like chlorine, UV radiation can be an efficient and powerful solution for water treatment.

UVC LEDs are a compact, non-toxic, and powerful method of disinfecting harmful microorganisms in water.

Compared with traditional lamps, the flexibility in wavelength tunability offered by UV LEDs offer a more targeted approach to disinfection, as peak wavelengths of inactivation vary depending on the pathogen type. While lamp systems can reach high flux at 254.7nm, UV LEDs at 280nm can reach similar inactivation with less electrical power consumption per reduction.

UV LEDs are also packaged in compact designs with lower power consumption, opening up innovative designs in point-of-use water disinfection technologies such as battery-powered water bottles or faucet-attaching modules. With greater flexibility in form factor and wavelengths, UV LEDs are well-positioned to provide non-toxic, revolutionary water treatment methods with the ongoing improvements in efficiency and integration of UV LED systems.

As water becomes an ever more scarce resource, there is an increasing need to implement water treatment practices emphasizing sustainability, non-toxicity, and effectiveness...
With up to 91% of the world’s population living in areas with poor air quality, ensuring our air is clean and safe in our homes, hospitals, and world is critical to our health and climate...
High rates of hospital acquired infections have brought attention to hardy bacteria that are difficult to eliminate with conventional cleaning methods...

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